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Flowers That Will Thrive All Winter

Winter is near, and no matter where you live, things are going to cool down. But despite the harsh weather, you can still enjoy gorgeous flowers all season long!

Don’t let the browning leaves and barren trees get you down. There are plenty of affordable seeds you can buy right now that will grow into a colorful and happy garden this winter. 


Pansies are great in the winter because they bloom for a long time and come in a wide variety of colors. As a bonus, they’re also inexpensive and easy to find at local big box stores.

Pieris Japonica

This is a slightly more expensive purchase, but it’s all worth it when you see the buds absolutely thrive in cool weather. The blooms will develop in late fall, but they won’t open until the end of winter and early spring. The result is a gorgeous bloom of coppery-pink flowers.

Kaffir Lily

The Kaffir Lily is more affordable compared to the Pieris Japonica. You’re going to get a lot of beauty for your buck. The Kaffir Lily also does best in temperate climates; it does not like the frost. In cool weather, you’ll end up with a gorgeous red bloom and tall stalks.


Phlox come in a variety of colors like white, dark purple, crimson, and bright pink. Choose your favorite and watch them bloom all winter!

Sweet Alyssum

These teeny-tiny purplish blooms are so cute, you wouldn’t believe how hardy they are! These gorgeous little flowers thrive in fall, winter, and early spring.

Winter Honeysuckle

These yummy flowers produce a delicious lemony scent. Winter Honeysuckles will bloom throughout winter and into early spring.

English Primrose

English Primrose is a special kind of Primrose that’s perfect in the winter. They come in all colors!

Winter Jasmine

Northerners, Midwesterners, and East Coasters: rejoice! Here’s a great flower that can handle the snow like no one’s business. While unscented, the bright colors of these blooms will make even the coldest winter landscape look alive.


Also known as “The Christmas Rose,” this unique-looking bloom will thrive in even the most freezing months. The Hellebore’s deep, deep root system will keep it healthy. If you live in a more temperate climate, you can plant your Hellebore in the early winter. If you’re in a colder area, plant Hellebore in late winter.

Summer Clayton

Summer Clayton has always loved getting her hands dirty. Ever since she was a kid playing in her grandparents’ garden, Summer wanted to learn everything she could about plants. Now she wants to help you grow a bigger, better, greener garden.

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