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5 Fun Winter Gardening Projects

As fall ends and winter approaches, it’s time to step out of your backyard and into some slippers. It’s the time of year when your indoor plants steal the show, and your outdoor vegetation gets a bit of a rest.

Read on for 5 gardening projects you can take on while you wait out the winter.


Your tools are good to you throughout the growing season, so return the favor by showing your toolkit a little love. Clean your shovels, sharpen your blades, and oil anything that needs to be freshened up.

Also, take this time to do a little winter cleaning. Sweep up any scattered dirt or leaf clippings. Wash your windows and display some gorgeous indoor plants after giving them a nice trim.


Fix anything you’ve been putting off for the last few seasons. For example, leaky hoses are easy to brush under the rug, but you don’t want to leave them like that for too long. This is also a great time to replace broken pots or planters.

Further, sick and dying plants can be given a proper funeral as you prepare to replace them with new seedlings.


Don’t let your soil go unnoticed! Late fall/early winter is a great time to make sure exposed soil is covered in hearty, nutritious mulch. Use fallen leaves on hand or purchase some wood chips to make sure your garden is healthy.


If you like to use your hands, don’t let them go idle in the winter. This is a great time to put down the gardening tools and pick up the power tools. Build a new shed, toolbox, flower bed, shelf, or birdhouse. You can also make assorted boxes in which to place an assortment of your flowers and plants. You can even gift them to family and friends!


Was there anything you’ve been wanting to do with your garden that you haven’t had the chance to get to? Now’s the time to plan! Spring will come around again before we know it, so take inventory of what you have and what you need to get your garden going.

Are there any new flower breeds you’d like to try? Or perhaps you’d like to introduce a new tree into your landscaping? Whatever it is, take the time to plan now so that everything is set to go in the springtime.

Summer Clayton

Summer Clayton has always loved getting her hands dirty. Ever since she was a kid playing in her grandparents’ garden, Summer wanted to learn everything she could about plants. Now she wants to help you grow a bigger, better, greener garden.

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